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Timer Events

The Time Events dialog contains all event sensors that can trigger a camera action based on time.

Using Meta Events to Avoid False Alarms

In order to filter events, the camera provides an Event Logic: This dialog allows linking events to create logic events only if the linked events occur in a certain sequence and within the specified time frame. Another possibility to filter events is the Event Counter: It creates an event only if a certain number of events occurs within the specified time frame.

Description of Event Sensor Types

Event Sensor Type


Periodic Event

The periodic event is a simple version of a time-controlled event. Use this event if you would like to create events in intervals < 1 minute.

  • Select an interval unit.

  • Set the duration of the interval.


The periodic event works with absolute time comparison, i.e., a periodic event with a 60 second interval will always trigger at the full minute.

Time Task

Time-controlled events are triggered at fixed points in time. For a detailed description of the syntax, please refer to the Time Control online help topic.

Random Event

The camera can trigger an event at a random point in time.

Enter the number of random events per hour. This value represents the average number of events to be triggered per hour for a longer period.

Valid values: 0.0001 to 500.0000. Default value is 1.000 (these values are displayed with a decimal point; a comma works in the same manner).


This feature is not available for Web and Basic models.

Konfiguration sichern

Klicken Sie auf Setzen, um die Einstellungen zu aktivieren und bis zum nächsten Neustart der Kamera zu sichern.

Klicken Sie auf Voreinstellung, um diesen Dialog auf die werkseitigen Voreinstellungen zurückzusetzen (dieser Button wird nicht in allen Dialogen angezeigt).

Klicken Sie auf Wiederherstellen, um alle Änderungen seit dem letzten permanenten Speichern der Konfiguration zu verwerfen.

Beenden Sie den Dialog durch Klick auf Schließen. Hierbei wird geprüft, ob Änderungen der Gesamtkonfiguration vorliegen. Ist dies der Fall, werden Sie gefragt, ob die Gesamtkonfiguration dauerhaft gesichert werden soll.

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